OMG Machines Scam Review – One Man Gang Machines Scam!

OMG Machines Reviewed in 2014What About OMG Machines

Name: OMG Machines
Website URL:
The Price: $45-$2495 (upsells)
Owner: Mike Long & Greg Morrison
My Overall Ranking: 28 out of 100 points.

OMG Machines Product Overview

What Does OMG Machines Stand For?

OMG Machines is yet another product that’s designed to teach people how to make cash online. Nope, “OMG” does not stand for “Oh My God” it stands for One Man Gang Machines. It’s definitely an interesting name for a product. It makes people wonder what the product is about.

The creators of the product, Greg Morrison and Mike Long, are full-time internet marketers and they have released quite a few internet marketing related products in the past. In fact, Greg happens to be a self made millionaire and he earns a 7 figure annual income from this new product alone. That’s from one product. It’s definitely not his only source of income. But with all this cash flowing towards Greg it might be logical to assume he’s up to some shady business. Let’s take a closer look at his new product OMG Machines and see if it truly delivers what it promises.

Mike Long OMG

Mike Long – Greg’s companion

The launch of this new product back in 2012 sent a nice $1,000,000 straight to Greg and Mike’s bank accounts. That’s a lot of cash! In fact, it was one of the most successful product launches in the history of product launches. Quite impressive!

But what does the product actually teach people? 

Well, it seems to teach people how to make cash online through search engine optimization techniques. It’s important to learn how to optimize a website for search engine results. Search engines are the main sources of free traffic for most websites. If you could tap into an endless stream of free traffic, would you?

I know I would.

So OMG Machines teaches people how to rank their websites in search engine results. It delivers this training through PDF files, MP3 files, videos, interviews, and articles. Most of the training material was created by Greg and Mike. They do their best to show people how they built an empire that is solely based on search engine traffic. But do they really want people to make money with this process? Do the techniques that they recommend actually work?

First, Who’s Greg Morrison?

Greg Morrison at OMG

Greg Morrison

Greg Morrison is another individual who has a classic rags-to-riches story to share with the world. He, like most of us, worked for a company that he hated, and ended up quitting the job to pursue his interests.

He started working on a website which is now one of the biggest affiliate websites in the world. In just one year he managed to earn over one million dollars from online sources. At least, that’s what he claims. If that’s true then it’s definitely an impressive accomplishment. It’s rare that someone earns that much especially without prior internet marketing experience.

Greg used to work for another online business product called Bring The Fresh (Click to read my review) and he earned so much with the program that he decided to take matters into his own hands. So he created his own product called OMG Machines.

So how did someone who was on the brink of being homeless manage to rake in so much cash in such a short period of time? It’s definitely not normal. His main sources of income came from AdSense and affiliate websites. He definitely makes people think that earning cash online is a walk in the park!

But let’s not get overwhelmed with his achievements. I know that you’re probably waiting for me to point you towards an affiliate link for his product so you can grab a copy and duplicate his techniques. Nope, that’s not going to happen. It’s incredibly rare for someone to achieve the same level of success. I don’t think he would share his real secret to success with the public. You can’t expect to earn the same amount that he did. Well, maybe you can, but not through the methods that he recommends.

Personally I think that OMG Machines is just another online business product that is wrapped in a nice shiny package of hype and false promises. These type of products pop up online almost every week. It’s not new. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Take a look at the pros and cons below and you’ll be able to see for yourself that this product isen’t worth your time.

OMG Machines Pros and Cons


  • Newbie friendly design with great user interface.
  • The step by step guides and tutorials given are remarkably easy to understand and follow.


  • No free trial available.
  • There’s no real training and such. You have a few eBooks, some audio files, and a whole bunch of interviews (which are the real training). You do get a couple over the shoulder looks, but they simply can’t compare to real training. If you’re an avid fan of boring mp3, and long eBooks, this is for you!
  • Most of the product reviews on the Internet about OMG Machines are actually dishonest ones – the reviewers are just out to make money with their affiliate links.
  • They tell you to use an article spinner to create spun content. Anyone who knows even a smattering of search engine optimization knows that spun rubbish will ruin your rankings on Google permanently!
  • The actual support is unbelievable expensive.
  • It’s built on a rags to riches mentality. They’ll try to convince you that you’ll make thousands of dollars in a few weeks. Just another “Get Rick Quick” scam that doesn’t deliver.

Who is OMG Machines For?

Well, like most internet marketing products, it’s aimed at beginners. The product is basically designed for everyone. It does include some useful advice on search engine optimization. But at the same time a lot of the advice is outdated and doesn’t take the latest Google updates into consideration.

Training and Tools

You have two packages available at OMG Machines.

The Commission Conspiracy Part 1

It teaches people how to make Squidoo lenses. Guys, Squidoo is now Hubpages. It’s not an effective way to make cash online. It shutdown.

Part 1:

  • You get a 52 page eBook followed up with a series of mp3 files. There are links to different videos that promise you online success.
  • Magic Submitter, is a helpful tool that submits your article to lots of article directories. Excuse me, article directory submission doesn’t work anymore. People abused the technique until Google had to penalize article directories.
  • A guide on how to optimize your YouTube videos for Google and drive a ton of traffic to them. This is a little bit more useful. Still works.
  • Interviews between Greg and other successful Internet marketers that show you exactly what they’ve done to achieve financial freedom from an online work at home business.

OMG Machines Conspiracy Part 1The Commission Conspiracy Part 2

  • A guide on how to build your website and attract a steady flow of top-notch targeted traffic.
  • Greg shows you how to improve conversions with Word-press.
  • Fourteen videos created by Greg & Mike that show exactly how Greg gets his website to rank #1 in Google in a local niche.
  • Numerous reports and testimonials from successful internet marketers.
  • A guide on how to set up your e-mail marketing campaigns.

OMG Machines Conspiracy Part 2

The first package costs $45 and the other package costs $99.

Not too bad. At least that’s cheaper than Empower Network. But there a few things that you need to know about before you sign-up.

For one, the minute you gain access to the members area you’re bombarded with up-sells. Even if you purchase the up-sell there’s another one right around the corner.

Secondly, Squidoo is free for everyone. You don’t need special permissions to create an account. Anyone can make an account. Guess what? Squidoo has their own training on how to create successful lenses. You don’t need to pay $45 to learn something that you can learn from free right on the Squidoo website.

(2014 update: Squidoo has been replaced with HubPages)

OMG Machines Support – Is It For Real or What?

If you’re looking for some personal training then OMG Machines has what you need… If you have a small fortune to spend.

  1. Access to a facebook Greg, where you can instant message Greg during his office hours.
  2. Live webinars twice a week.
  3. Support from Greg on Skype ONLY during office hours.
  4. 1-on-1 support from his team on anything you don’t understand.
  5. Access to Greg’s exclusive e-mail address.

For a “Steal” price of $2500!

OMG Machines Plans and Pricing

Commission Conspiracy Part 1 will cost you $45, while the second part of the same will cost you $99.

However, if you want the added support and 1-on-1 coaching Greg offers, then you’ll have to pay up to $2500!

You can choose to do it in three ways:

  • A one-time payment of $2299
  • Three payments $799 each ($2397 total)
  • Five payments of $499 each ($2495 total)

Yeah, if I was starting to earn money online for the first time, I definitely wouldn’t invest all my cash into this system.

A Final Glance

OMG Machines is a SCAM!

It’s quite obvious.

The product doesn’t deliver as much value as it claims and charges people an insane amount  for some generic advice. I’m sure Greg and Mike are decent people but they have a lot of work to do in order to make this product presentable. The information contained in the “course” is completely outdated.

Nobody will make cash with these techniques anymore. It’s clear that this system is mainly designed to send cash to Greg and Mike.

Summarized Overview

Name: OMG Machines
Website URL:
The Price: $45-$2495 (upsells)
Owner: Greg Morrison 
My Overall Ranking: 28 out of 100 points.

OMG Machines Review

If you have any personal experience with this program or anything related to Greg Morrison? I would really appreciate to hear all about it. This really helps others out there! :-)

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Your Friend,



      • Mike says


        I don’t know where you got those numbers but when I was online just today they are charging $4,999 to become a member. Or you can pay in 4 or 12 payments, the last one would be $439 per month.
        I wonder now what Bob Proctor is doing by giving his blessings to these guys.

        Makes me rethink his own PROCTOR GALLAGHER INSTITUTE, LLC. legitimacy. Is it all about the money?? I know it is, but deliver something people can use and/or make real money from it.


        • Johan Norberg says

          What? I know for sure that you don’t have to pay that much just for getting in to the basic area. Those numbers must include the whole smackeroo! But I’ll look it up and probably update my OMG review, because from time to time, products like that, tend to make various changes.



  1. Jude Banks says

    Hi Johan,

    I paid Greg $150 for this and although at first glance it seemed okay enough, it wasn’t long before I realized that it was useless to me. The SEO training was nothing new and I could not relate to these guys marketing style at all.

    The training conferences had long phone calls with individuals telling us about their experiences and it all could have been said in 5 minutes.

    I totally agree with your assessment. Newbies can get value from it, but I don’t think it is worth the price.

    The final straw was those upsells, not to mention the fever pitch hype. One would only be inspired to buy more if satisfied with the original product, and I was not.

    I unsubscribed and deleted the entire product from my directory.

    Thanks for the informative review. I am sure it will help many people make an informed decision about this products.


    • says

      Hi Jude. I am sorry to hear that you lost $150 on this big OMG Scam!!! I agree with you. At start after the signup everything seems wonderful and floats pretty good, but suddenly the upsells start like crazy and the methods are no new or updated ways at all! How long where you a member of the product?



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